Young gal sort of recovered from ED.
Staying fit and healthy <3
Losing weight the right slow healthy way.
If that is possible, either way i am headed for obesity and that's not healthy either.

Height: 166cm Age: 23

CW: 187 Ibs/85 kg (working on getting it down) Weirdly i don't look like a whale even though im that heavy, my skeleton is huge.

LW: 94.6 Ibs/43 kg ( starved away feelings)
HW: HW: 189,2 Ibs /86 kg (ate away feelings)

GW1:165 Ibs/ 75 kg
GW2:154 Ibs/ 70 kg
GW3:143 Ibs/ 65 kg
GW4:132 Ibs/ 60 kg
GW5:127.6 Ibs/ 58 kg

UGW: 121 Ibs/ 55 kg
(maybe, does not really matter)
Nothing less than 103,4 Ibs/ 47kg.
Will know more in a few years.

The lowest "legal" weight for me is: 116.6 Ibs/ 53 kg

Method: Eat 1700 calories every day or more, healthy good food, eat often, drink water, get enough fiber and move my body <3 And love myself at the same time.

Im not bulimic
Diagnosed with Eating Disorder unspecified and other psychiatric conditions. Doing well for myself, much better than a few years ago. Not depressed, but have allot of anxiety.

I am defiantly not pro ana or mia, but pro healthy weight loss. There will be pictures of beautiful people bot thin, muscular or chubby. If you need help about overcoming anorexia my in-box is waiting, I do have some good tips <3

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Its been six months now, time for measures.

I have decided to screw the scale and only rely on measures.

It counts allot more than weight, what you weigh is just a pointer.

I have lost about 5kiloes, so about 800grams a month. 114Grams a day.

Since March, today six months ago I started changing my life again for the better in small realistic steps, something I can live with that wont destroy me. And by healthy eating and exercise I have lost good deal of cm. Im from Europe so im going to use cm, thats the system I understand the best.

Chest: Down from 96cm to 95 = 1cm lost.

Belly (over the belly button) down from 97cm to 95 = 2cm lost.

Over the muffing top, fattest part of belly or love handles down from 108 to 105 = 3cm lost.

Overarm: from 33cm to 32 = 1cm lost

Leggs: from 38 to 40 = gained 1cm (it used to be lump and fatty, now its hard like a rock from all the jogging. Sort of like it :)

Neck: From 35 to 34 – 1cm (thats nice)

Ribs: From 94cm to 89cm! A whole 5cm, lost allot of fat from my back. Not so much left now, really happy about that.

thighs: 69cm to 61cm whole 8cm! I can really tell their smaller and more fit.

Knees, under the cap: From 49 down to 40, whole 9cm!

So totally I have lost 32cm from my body, im proud of how patient I have been.

Next measurements are the first or second of October, eight weeks from now. Now I have used great deal of time just getting more fit, from now on im going to exercise harder. And probably eat more, I listen to my body. If its hungry it wants food, now I can count on my body. Before I did not understand it. I could go for 9hours without being hungry. How it screams for food every four hours.

My mental health is better, and my skin.

Wonder where I am in six months from now on.

I know I will have to exercise for the rest of my life to keep my body nice.

superficial blabla^^

Eaven though its not about the weight im planning on losing some fat, Im a bit chubby at the moment. I don’t really mind :) Im full of muscles, kind of want to do a body scan to see how much % fat I really have, im really strong I can lift huge televisions all by my self and carry 5bags of grocery almost running up the long stairs outside my house.

I would like to lose some fat around my belly, do like the put belly its cute.

Im more worried about the ograns, also have some fat at my back. Im glad I don’t have allot of fat in my face, that would probably make it harder for me to stay healthy.

Weight does not matter, but my CW is 108,4 Ibs.
So im going to watch it abit aswell, but the thing im going to watch the most are measures.

Once a week^^ Even though I feel fit I could lose some, and im doing it healthy style.

CW: 108,4 Ibs

HW: 187 Ibs

LW: 94.6 (5 years ago, not healthy)

The weight I usually have when I live healthy: 151.8 Ibs

UGW: 143 Ibs (maybe, does not really matter)

But weight is just details

Measures (I use cm since im from Europe, actually I like kiloes more than Ibs)

Neck: 34cm (allways the same)

chest: 100cm (maybe lose some)

Arms: 32cm (lose some of the flapp lol)

waste over bellybutton: 96cm (lose some)

Hips/muffin top: 106cm (this is where I would like to lose some fat)

Thighs largest place: 94cm (large large muscle)

Legs: 38cm (im a runner, so I have runners legs)

Again I just want to be healthy^^

Im not cutting down on meals, just working out and eat good food.

Want to gain muscles and lose fat, that would make me gain weight.

It would be cool if I could get a small sixpack in about 2years^^

There is more to me than superficial stuff, but to look good and feel good is a important part of many peoples lives.

Wish me luck