Young gal sort of recovered from ED.
Staying fit and healthy <3
Losing weight the right slow healthy way.
If that is possible, either way i am headed for obesity and that's not healthy either.

Height: 166cm Age: 23

CW: 187 Ibs/85 kg (working on getting it down) Weirdly i don't look like a whale even though im that heavy, my skeleton is huge.

LW: 94.6 Ibs/43 kg ( starved away feelings)
HW: HW: 189,2 Ibs /86 kg (ate away feelings)

GW1:165 Ibs/ 75 kg
GW2:154 Ibs/ 70 kg
GW3:143 Ibs/ 65 kg
GW4:132 Ibs/ 60 kg
GW5:127.6 Ibs/ 58 kg

UGW: 121 Ibs/ 55 kg
(maybe, does not really matter)
Nothing less than 103,4 Ibs/ 47kg.
Will know more in a few years.

The lowest "legal" weight for me is: 116.6 Ibs/ 53 kg

Method: Eat 1700 calories every day or more, healthy good food, eat often, drink water, get enough fiber and move my body <3 And love myself at the same time.

Im not bulimic
Diagnosed with Eating Disorder unspecified and other psychiatric conditions. Doing well for myself, much better than a few years ago. Not depressed, but have allot of anxiety.

I am defiantly not pro ana or mia, but pro healthy weight loss. There will be pictures of beautiful people bot thin, muscular or chubby. If you need help about overcoming anorexia my in-box is waiting, I do have some good tips <3

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